1. January 19, 2024

    Fun Do-It-Yourself Projects (product to focus- DIY products– Licensed Soap Making/ Shampoo Making/ Chalk Making kits) etc.

    Skoodle, a titan in the craft, toy, and stationery realm, has been on a whirlwind journey since its 2018 debut. With a sprawling network exceeding 40,000 stores, 450 distributors, and 250 super-stockists across India, it's a force to be reckoned with. From its 13 lakh-square-foot manufacturing haven in Vadodara, Gujarat, Skoodle's dedication to sustainability shines through, churning out a staggering 30 million wood-free pencils every month. But Skoodle's artistic ambitions reach far beyond pencils, encompassing puzzles, board games, paper rolls, crayons, and a vibrant orchestra of other tools for playful expression.

     Now, Skoodle unleashes a sparkling new chapter with its exciting range of DIY products! Unleash the playful scientist within with the enchanting "Make Your Own Soap" and "Make Your Own Crystal Slime" kits, featuring kids' favourite characters like Mickey Mouse, Disney Frozen, Disney Princess, Marvel

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  2. January 19, 2024

    Unleashing creativity with Skoodle, one crayon at a time

    Skoodle doesn't just color books, it ignites imaginations. Beyond the vibrant hues and smooth lines of their crayons lies a passionate symphony of creativity, reverberating through every facet of their world.

    Born in 2018, Skoodle wasn't a mere newcomer; it was a burst of artistic fireworks that illuminated the Indian craft, toy, and stationery scene. Fueled by a burning desire to democratize creativity and celebrate diversity, Skoodle's products now grace the shelves of over 40,000 stores across the nation. Their expansive 13 lakh square feet manufacturing facility in Vadodara hums with a dedication to quality that's woven into the very fabric of every brushstroke and pencil stroke.

    But Skoodle's canvas extends far beyond the walls of their factory. It thrives through a vibrant network of 450 distributors and 250 super-stockists, weaving their magic into the tapestry of everyday life. Every month, their production line becomes an orchestra of innovation, transforming

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  3. December 08, 2023

    Some of the Best Gifts from Skoodle for Kids between 4-10 years

    Everyone loves gifts regardless of age. But when it comes to gifting to kids, there are a plethora of options to choose from. When the options are too many, we tend to get overwhelmed. But it is time to leave the worry behind because Skoodle is giving you the best options to choose gifts for kids. 

    Skoodle makes a range of value-added products for children of different age groups. They carry out a thorough market study and devise products that add value to a child’s playtime. Whether it is fun colouring activities or board games, you will find gifts that bring joy as well as fulfil educational prospects. 


    Here are a few of the products from Skoodle that you can gift kids:  

    Plant-A-Pencil: Make your child learn from a young age the importance of caring for the environment. ‘Plant-a-Pencil’ is a truly revolutionary project that will not only contribute to a

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  4. December 08, 2023

    Skoodle: The Latest Entrants in the List

    Skoodle dedicatedly works on products that bring value to its customers. Whether it is educational toys, stationery, art essentials or fun learning activities products, it is all about customer satisfaction for the brand. Over the years they have introduced a range of products that impart value to their buyers.  

    As a brand, Skoodle knows that there is always a demand for newer, better and relevant products. Considering the latest market requirements, they introduced a range of new-age products for the new-generation buyers. 

    Let’s look at all the latest launched products:  


    Skoodle DIY Kits:  

    Skoodle DIY or Do It Yourself kits are a fun way to make kids improve their finger coordination. The kits help k

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  5. November 16, 2023

    Skoodle: All The Products You Need to Keep Your Children Engaged

    One can agree that it is not easy to keep children engaged for longer. And specially if you are a parent, you must be looking for ways to keep your kids involved by offering them activities that is not just fun but will also allow them to stay busy. If you agreed on the above points, then you will find this blog helpful.

    As a parent, you will have to find unique ways to keep your kids focused and entertained. To address the issue of low attention span, Skoodle developed a range of products that not only keep a child entertained but also improve their cognitive skills. Here is a list of products that will help you improve their attention span.

    Clay Star:

    Exposing Children to different textures at a young age helps them in developing their motor skills. It helps them strengthen their understanding of the world. The Clay Star range is developed to improve visualization and motor skills in kids. Available in many colours & shapes, this will

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  6. November 03, 2023

    List of Skoodle’s Stationery to Create Masterpieces: Poster Colours

    Selecting the best products for your child is an important aspect of honing his/ her artistic skills. There are several products on the retail shelves currently, which may lead to confusion. Products like Water-colours, Poster-colours, Crayons and more help in creating different kinds of art pieces. Parents must choose the right Skoodle stationery for their children. 

    In today’s post, we talk in detail about Poster colours and what role it plays in creating beautiful art pieces.


    What are Poster Colours? 

    Poster Colours (also known as Tempera Paint in the US) is a distemper paint that usually uses starch, cornstarch, cellulose, gum-water or another glue size as its binder. It either comes in large bottles or jars or in a powdered form. The biggest advantage of them being a Value For Money paint used for art classes in school or at homes, being water-soluble, p

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  7. June 04, 2021

    All you need to know about Pictionary Air Games For Your Kids

    All you need to know about Pictionary Air Games For Your Kids

    Three words - Pictionary, mobile camera, big screen. Yes! The iconic game has a new avatar and is amongst popular games for kids

    An all-time favourite, the good old Pictionary continues to be one of the best family games. The laughs and giggles it generated while we tried to draw and guess, the hilarity that ensued. Good times! It made kids learn a lot of new stuff and adults enjoyed it thoroughly.

    Interestingly, the iconic fun game has evolved with the times and has taken a new avatar - the Mattel Pictionary Air. An amusing take on the previous version, it is equally fun and engaging as the pen and paper version. Here we tell you all about the Pictionary

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  8. June 04, 2021

    Here is Why You Should Choose Paper Pencils over Wooden Pencils

    Here is Why You Should Choose Paper Pencils over Wooden Pencils

    Ever wondered what you could do for the environment?

    Does using eco-friendly toys or stationery make a difference? Do such thoughts cross your mind?

    We are sure they do and we also understand how these thoughts get lost while you are occupied with getting your kids the best of all worlds. Did you know wooden pencil manufacturing is also a reason for cutting down trees and deforestation? Over one lakh trees are cut in India every year just to make wooden pencils. With World Environment Day just around the corner (June 5), it is a good time to make your kids familiar with the importance of taking care of our environment. And that’s not just it, it is also a chance to make a difference - with

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